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What's new in NVivo 11 (For users familiar with NVivo 10)

Software editions
NVivo for Windows is now available in three editions—NVivo Starter, NVivo Pro and NVivo Plus.
NVivo 11 for Windows projects can be opened in any edition of the software, however not all features are available in all editions.
You can upgrade your software to a different edition at any time—you do not need to reinstall the software.

Fresh new look
The first thing you'll notice about NVivo 11 is the new look.
The NVivo interface has been updated with a modern style in keeping with Microsoft.
The developer has also introduced a few changes to the workspace, based on user feedback, to make things easier.
The Detail View now displays on the right of the screen by default. You can still change it to display on the bottom of the screen.
You can now collapse the Navigation Pane to make more space on screen.
The File tab now opens a screen where you can access all of the File menu functions, including Save and Print.

Redesigned NVivo Start screen
The Start screen now includes Learn and Connect tiles which link you to the NVivo Blog, Forum and video tutorials.
The tiles are updated regularly—so you can see if there is anything new whenever you start NVivo.
You can easily create a new project, access your recent project list and browse to other projects from this screen.
You can now remove individual projects from the Recent Projects list—right-click on a project and select Remove from list.
You can create your own copy of the NVivo sample project at any time from the Start screen.
NVivo Plus users have a choice of sample projects to experiment with social networks and automated insights.

Improved cases experience
Case nodes are now stored in their own folder within your project and have their own unique icon.
If you open (and convert) an NVivo 10 project, classified nodes are converted to cases and stored in the Cases folder.

New visualizations—Diagrams
Comparison diagrams can show you what two items have in common and where they differ.
Explore diagrams focus on a single project item, showing all of the items connected to that item.
Export any diagram as an image to share with others or include in reports and presentations.

New visualization tools—Maps
Use maps to explore your ideas or to present the connections in your data.
Mind maps let you brainstorm your ideas.
Concept maps let you map out your ideas and explore and present the connections in your theories.
Project maps help you to visually explore or present the data in your project.
Export any map as an image to share with others or include in reports and presentations.

Improved relationships
Create and code to relationships in one easy step using the Quick Coding bar.
Create relationship types when you create relationships.
NVivo Plus users can easily visualize relationships between cases in sociograms.

Query criteria now displays in Detail View
It is now even easier to work with queries.
Query criteria is displayed directly in Detail View.
The most commonly used queries have been converted to this new look: Text Search, Word Frequency and Coding query.

Automated insights
This exciting new feature in NVivo Plus automatically detects and codes themes and sentiment in your sources—giving you quick insight into your data.

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