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NVivo 12 Software Editions

NVivo 12 for Windows is available in two editions – NVivo 12 Pro and NVivo 12 Plus. We recommend NVivo 12 Pro for new users completing dissertations and general research Projects. NVivo 12 Pro can be upgraded to NVivo 12 Plus at any time – you do not need to reinstall the software.

NVivo projects created on the Windows platform can be opened in either NVivo 12 Pro or NVivo 12 Plus. NVivo 12 Plus users can switch to NVivo 12 Pro at any time. The license determines the features available to the user. We recommend all team members use the same version of the software to avoid known limitations and issues.

NVivo for Mac (Version 12) is also available. NVivo projects created on the Mac platform can be converted to the Windows format if the size of the Mac project does not exceed 10GB.

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Fresh New Look

The first thing you'll notice about NVivo 12 is the updated design. The NVivo interface is familiar to previous users but it has been redesigned with a modern style.

The developer has introduced a few changes to the workspace, based on user feedback, to make things easier. The navigation ribbon has been redesigned to make commonly used features easier to find. The new Navigation View reflects updated terminology and provides faster access to your data. Researchers working in mixed methods will appreciate the new crosstab query and the ability to exchange data in SPSS format.

Start Screen

The NVivo Start screen continues to feature Learn and Connect tiles which link you to helpful support resources. The tiles are updated regularly—so you can see if there is anything new whenever you start NVivo.

You can easily create a new Project, access your recent Project list and browse to other Projects from this screen. You can now remove individual Projects from the Recent Projects list—right-click on a Project and select Remove from list.

You can create your own copy of the NVivo sample Project at any time from the Start screen.

NVivo Plus users have a choice of sample Projects to experiment with social networks and automated insights.

New Visualization Tools

Many visualization tools are available at all stages of project analysis: charts, mind maps, word clouds, explore diagrams, comparison diagrams and many more. Comparison diagrams can show you what two items have in common and where they differ. Explore diagrams focus on a single Project item, showing all of the items connected to that item. Export any diagram as an image to share with others or include in reports and presentations.

Use maps to explore your ideas or to present the connections in your data. Mind maps let you brainstorm your ideas. Concept maps let you map out your ideas and explore and present the connections in your theories. Project maps help you to visually explore or present the data in your Project. Export any map as an image to share with others or include in reports and presentations.

Cases and Classifications

Cases and case classifications with attributes are grouped together for easy viewing. You are now able to easily assign attribute values to your cases or files.


The new Search area groups together your queries and any results, noted matrices, sets, and the results of any searches using the Advanced Find too.

Automated Insights

In NVivo Plus, the process for pattern-based coding has been updated to provide greater transparency and give you more control over the results. You can now see the words NVivo has identified as being relevant for a code so you can make decision to include or exclude them as needed.


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