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jigsaw puzzleOur qualitative data management services include coding and consultation services which meet professional and academic standards of major universities and businesses. We offer support at every phase of your study and provide an opportunity to discuss your project confidentially. We work with you as an objective source providing meaningful feedback and direction. This is done in a way that does not compromise the integrity of your work or personal interpretation.

Your research design influences the coding process. Our services are customized for your qualitative research project according to size, the depth of analysis and consultation needed, and to meet your deadlines.

Data and final reports are exchanged through our secure dropbox or by email as Word documents, Excel charts, and other reporting formats applicable to your project. You read and interpret the various reports to draw conclusions and write up your findings.

The fee for coding for qualitative dissertation projects depends upon the number of interviews or surveys, number of questions, and the average length of interview (minutes) or survey (pages). Payment can be made with EFT direct deposit, major credit card, PayPal*, or personal check. Please email or call to discuss your particular project. (*PayPal Credit available subject to credit approval.)

Confidentiality is assured and a confidentiality agreement will be provided upon request. The NVivo project file is provided, if you wish, but you do not need to know how to use NVivo to utilize these services.

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