Professional Support for Qualitative Researchers and Graduate Students in All Disciplines  

First and foremost, we respect and honor your professionalism and expertise. Our qualitative data management services are designed to support and assist you. These services are valued by our clients because they are specialized, customized, and offered by professionals at your level of academic achievement.

We can assist you with coding and analysis of unstructured surveys, interviews, and other open-ended data. These data sources are often rich and meaningful, but overlooked due to the difficulty and time needed for analysis. We turn these unstructured responses into meaningful feedback.

We provide professional assistance and support in a variety of industries and academic disciplines.

We provide consultation and coding services in a wide variety of academic disciplines: marketing, international agricultural business alliances, unions, administration in education and public health, psychology, organizational behavior, cultural problems, distance education, profit and non-profit organizations, social services, youth issues, and government health publications, to name a few. Our services meet the ethical standards of major universities. We receive many referrals from committee chairs and committee members to assist their students.

Business and Government
We provide survey and interview analyses for major organizations in a variety of industries (e.g., computer technology, international finance, airlines, online brokerage, public health, and U.S. military nursing).

Confidentiality is assured and a confidentiality agreement will be provided upon request.


Contact: Karen I. Conger, Ph.D.
661.221.3506 (Pacific Time)


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