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NVivo Coding Services
We know you are busy and we respect your expertise and accomplishments. Many of you are fulltime working professionals with strict deadlines, tight schedules, and heavy responsibilities. Others of you are struggling students with limited budgets, limited time, and little or no professional experience. All of you are highly motivated doctoral candidates pursuing Ph.D., Ed.D., and other specializations.

You and your projects are unique and the services we provide are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer support at every phase of your study and provide an opportunity to discuss your project confidentially. We work with you as an objective source providing meaningful feedback and direction. This is done in a way that does not compromise the integrity of your work or personal interpretation.

Confidentiality is assured and a confidentiality agreement will be provided upon request.

NVivo Software Training
QSR International is recognized and respected throughout the world for qualitative data analysis software. Their software program is a valuable tool in many academic disciplines and is used world-wide. It is designed for multiple methodologies including grounded theory research and exploration using pattern searches and other features that aid the researcher in developing ideas and theory.

Private consultation and coaching by phone and email in the latest version of NVivo are provided for individuals on an hourly basis. The sessions are designed to accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner. This includes project consultation and support to maximize the use of the software with your research project(s). We work with you to develop strategies for using the software in the most efficient way to meet your deadlines.


Contact: Karen I. Conger, Ph.D.
661.221.3506 (Pacific Time)


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