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Terms and Conditions

An NVivo Subscription is available for 24 or 36 months. The subscription provides you with access to Extended Support services from the developer in AU and future upgrades of NVivo.

An NVivo Subscription is only available at the time you purchase or upgrade to full licenses of NVivo 11 Pro for Windows, NVivo 11 Plus for Windows, or NVivo for Mac.

One subscription must be purchased per full license or upgrade to NVivo 11 Pro for Windows, NVivo 11 Plus for Windows, or NVivo for Mac. 

Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Extended Support

QSR’s Extended Support Service provides a targeted response time of one working day with extended support hours delivered by phone or email.

NVivo Subscription holders are entitled to extended support hours: 9am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday, and 10pm to 6am, Monday to Saturday (Australian Time). Victorian public holidays excluded. 

Future Upgrades

You will automatically receive future NVivo upgrades during the term of your subscription.

You will be entitled to perpetual copies of any new NVivo releases during the term of your subscription.

Upgrades received will be equivalent to your current software edition.

Any future releases of NVivo will be delivered as a download.

You will be able to keep your purchased NVivo 11 for Windows or NVivo for Mac Full License as well as any new upgrade software.

Only an NVivo 11 for Windows or NVivo 11 for Mac Full License associated with a current NVivo Subscription will be eligible for the entitlements offered under an NVivo Subscription.

NVivo System Requirements

NVivo System Requirements


Your subscription is renewable and is due by your subscription renewal date. You will receive a reminder from QSR about your subscription expiry date and information on how to renew.

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