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Private - Customized - Flexible. Save time and travel through WEB CONFERENCING sessions for individuals and small teams. Application-oriented. Expert consultation ensures you maximize the use of NVivo with your data. Advanced scheduling required. Clientele / About Us / Testimonials

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Private and productive. Saves time and travel. Easy setup using WebEx.

Flexible scheduling in multiple two-hour sessions results in productive work sessions. Work on your project between sessions to retain and reinforce training, and make substantial progress on your project by the end of the third session.

Web conference training is divided into multiple two-hour sessions over several days or weeks, customized to suit your needs at your pace. Three two-hour training sessions are generally sufficient for typical qualitative projects; additional sessions may be added if your project is complex. Coaching is also available for those who have started their projects and would like ongoing assistance.

NVivo software demonstrations using your data are webcast through WebEx to your browser at your location. You simply join and work live by phone with the instructor in a private workshop for you or your team. The course materials are not self-paced; you must attend each session to receive training at the scheduled times. The sessions are always private for individuals or for team members; public sessions are not held.  The conferences are locked to pre-registered participant(s). 

Easy setup: Typical software workshop training and coaching requires each participant to use a laptop or lab computer with software installed while viewing the presentation on a screen. This workshop environment is duplicated in our virtual classroom through WebEx conferencing. Each viewing site needs a computer connected to the Internet for viewing the presentation, a connection of at least 56K, and a current browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. The webcast goes to the internet computer's monitor or projection screen; therefore, there are almost never problems with firewalls or proxy server blocking. The Internet computer is for presentation viewing purposes only; it does not need NVivo installed on it and participants will not work on that computer. Each participant must have his or her own computer with the appropriate version and current update of NVivo installed to explore and work with the software while viewing the presentation. An internet connection is not required for the participant's computer. Individuals can use one computer with two monitors if the monitors are set up for viewing the browser on one monitor while working with an application on the other monitor. (NVivo details)

Fees: Web Conferences
Confidentiality is assured and a confidentiality agreement will be provided upon request.

NVivo Web Conference Training
Six hours: Three 2-hr sessions

Private training covering major features using your data
1 participant: $750.00
2-5 participants: $625.00 per member of a team or small group

Training and coaching date(s) are confirmed upon receipt of payment

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