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NVivo 12 Plus for Windows

Get all the features in NVivo Pro AND
Social network analysis
Egocentric sociograms
Network sociograms
Network centrality metrics
Automated Coding
Pattern based autocoding (Machine Learning Autocoding) – based on a training set coded by the user – (new transparency and control by the user)
Autocoding by theme – using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Autocoding by sentiment – identify positives and negatives using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NVivo for Mac (Version 12) 

Text Documents
Collect and import text documents in TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX and PDF formats; Supports Editable Text.
Collect and import images such as photos and scanned documents in BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF and PNG formats; Use the picture log to make notes and comments.
Audio & Video
Collect and import audio and video recordings in MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, MPG, MPE, WMV, AVI, MOV, QT, MP4, 3GP, MTS and M2TS formats; work with editable synchronized transcripts and view waveform visualizations.
Collect data in spreadsheets and surveys and import in TXT, XLS, XLSX and CSV formats; Display data in Form or Table Views.
Use NCapture to capture web pages as they appear within a browser and import as a PDF.
Social Media
Import comments from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Import videos from YouTube to view and explore.



NVivo 12 Pro for Windows

Data Types
Import and analyze text, images, audio, video, emails, web data and information from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Import survey data directly from SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics or via Excel or CSV files
Import articles from reference management software (EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, or RefWorks)
Import from note-taking software (OneNote and Evernote)
Import, create or order NVivo-ready transcripts synched with audio/video files
Reflection tools
Write memos and annotate data
Three kinds of maps – Mind Map, Project Map and Concept Map
Theme, case and in-vivo coding
Review coding with coding stripes and highlights
Relationship coding
Autocode by structure using Word styles or by Speaker Name
Generate a report of your coding structure, including descriptions, to show team members and align coding practices. Export in Word or Excel format
Lexical searches -Text search, word frequency
Coding searches – Retrieve combinations of codes
Matrix coding queries – retrieve coding combinations in a matrix table
Cross-tab query – retrieve combinations of variables and codes and export to SPSS for further statistical analysis
Combine queries using compound queries
Group queries to pull out items according to specified criteria
Coding comparison queries – compare coding of different team members plus calculation of Kappa coefficient
Visualize and explore data
Interactive charts, word clouds, word trees, explore and comparison diagrams
Hierarchical visualizations, geovisualizations, cluster analysis
Other features
Framework analysis
Export and share any item
Merge team projects or Connect to NVivo for Teams
Work with data in virtually any language
Access user interface in English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese
All the features of NVivo for Mac
Access NVivo for Mac at no extra cost


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